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  • Angel W.
    Apr, 15 2019
    I honestly don't know where to begin. Thank goodness I had an opportunity to accompany my Father-in-Law today for his cardiologist appointment at the Albany location, but it's unfortunate he's endured this chaos and incompetence for much longer given he has been a patient here for several years. I wholeheartedly empathize with him and now understand his frustrations and confusion. First, his appointment card listed the Troy location and we did not receive a reminder call to confirm prior to his appointment. Therefore, we went to the wrong location. Second, apparently location misconceptions are "common" according to the nurse. Third, these poor patients, most of which are elderly suffering from obviously heart complications amongst other things, have to forego a cumbersome process to check in and check out (they have to go from one floor to another and to another hall, etc.). In any event, it took us at least 30 minutes to check out! took 4 people to figure out how to schedule his 4 week followup appointment. The nail in the coffin for us was when he was directed to go back downstairs for a routine pacemaker check after the whole checkout debacle, which was supposed to take a few more minutes. That particular waiting area has no means or staff to address any questions mind you. Thus, upon waiting almost another 30 minutes, I went across the hall and inquired on a status of the wait time. We were informed that we should have been advised it would take another hour for the checkup, for which we were not. Given my Father-in-Law's health and the fact we'd already been there for nearly 2 hours, he could no longer wait and opted to reschedule to have his pacemaker checked. Ironically, over an hour after we left and upon rescheduling said pacemaker check, they contacted him to see why he wasn't there. In other words, they didn't check their records to see his checkup was rescheduled and had we stayed, we would have been there for almost 4 hours! And this isn't the first complaint my Father-in-Laws had. He had to wait for 3 hours to be seen at his appointment back in July. Obviously, there's an issue with the dynamic of this office. I am hopeful that I can assist in curbing this chaos for him in the future now that my schedule is more flexible. Alternately, I'm hopeful he'll consider another specialist. Reading some of the other reviews, sounds like we're not alone in our concerns. This is inexcusable!
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